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Custom Quality Meats is a local Butcher Shop providing local and regional Fort Wayne customers with the very best locally raised Grass Fed Beef for over 30-years.

Our animals live natural stress-free lives and are not treated with hormones, steroids or antibiotics, nor fed animal by-products.

The result ... healthy, great-tasting meat you won't want to share!!

Our beef is raised in the best possible way; natural, sustainable, and through humane and ethical farming standards.

The sole beef provider is Willow Lake Farms, a high-quality brand - in production since 1981.  We're proud to claim the local Farm-to-Market standard long before it became a thriving country-wide preferred practice.

The farm is owned and operated by us - Joe and Sandy Seyfert.

Our family name has been a household name for decades resulting from our locally produced Seyfert brand potato chips and snacks. This family business experience helped us develop and formulate our strict criteria for raising all-natural beef; the first of its kind to be directly marketed in the regional area.  We raise two superb cross breeds; Angus/Limousin and Angus/Simmental

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