Chicken from Custom Quality Meats

Custom Quality Meats stocks all-natural, free-range poultry from great local Amish farms.  These farmers take great care of their birds and it shows in an eating experience as you’ve never had before.

Come by and see us at either one of our Custom Quality Meats locations to learn more about our farm partners.


Our all-natural chickens are raised on Amish farms in northern Indiana.  Several cuts are available:

  • Boneless chicken breasts
  • Marinated breasts; garlic herb, burgundy wine, peppercorn, teriyaki, California style
  • Leg Quarters
  • Whole Fryers
  • Whole Roasters
  • Ground Chicken Patties made from Boneless Skinless Breasts


  • Chicken sausage with wild rice, spinach & feta, teriyaki, broccoli cheddar

Q. Where does our chicken come from?
A.  Miller Poultry


Miller Poultry is a small, family-owned company located in Northern Indiana.  They believe in breeding and raising only the finest poultry for their loyal customers.  When someone, anyone – put their name on their product, it is personal, it is pride, it is confidence. Miller Poultry wants it right and they demand it be right every time.

Most of their customers live very close, like neighbors or family.  They consider all their customers that way. They provide an 1-800 number on each and every package and encourage calls – with not only compliments but recommendations and observations as well.

A business can usually be judged by how they handle service challenges.  Miller Poultry responds to every comment or inquiry.

Their goal is to provide a perfect product in a perfect package in perfect condition every single time.  They are driven to do the absolute best for you.