custom pork packs from Custom Quality Meats

Our local pork is richly marbled with great flavor and a juicy taste.  Commercial meats can often be dry and flavorless.

Our local provider takes pride in providing unmatched pork products that you’ll love.  We also use this all-natural pork in our house-made sausages.

Come by and see us at Custom Quality Meats to learn more about the farms we work with.


  • Retail cuts, custom whole or half hogs, barbecue, cut to your needs
  • Loin – Chops roasts, Cutlets
  • Shoulder – Roasts or Steaks
  • Ham – Fresh or smoked
  • Bacon – fresh side or smoked or individual packs
  • Ribs – Spareribs or baby backs
  • Hocks – fresh or smoked
  • Sausage – 5-flavors available, patties brats, or stuffed


  • Brats – Regular, Regular with Cheese, Bacon Cheddar, Cajun Garlic, Hawaiian,
    Italian, Jalapeño Cheese, Onion, Peppercorn Salsa
  • Smoke sausage – Polish, traditional, Andouille
  • Bratwurst patties
  • Southern breakfast-style patties