custom pork packs from Custom Quality Meats

Our local pork is richly marbled with great flavor and juicy taste.  Commercial meats can often be dry and flavorless.

Our local  provider takes pride in providing unmatched pork product that you’ll love.  We also use this all-natural pork in our house made sausages.

Come by and see us at Custom Quality Meats to learn more about the farms we work with.


  • Retail cuts, custom whole or half hogs, barbecue, cut to your needs
  • Loin – Chops roasts, Cutlets
  • Shoulder – Roasts or Steaks
  • Ham – Fresh or smoked
  • Bacon – fresh side or smoked or individual packs
  • Ribs – Spareribs or baby backs
  • Hocks – fresh or smoked
  • Sausage – 5-flavors available, patties brats or stuffed


  • Brats – Regular, Regular with Cheese, Bacon Cheddar, Cajun Garlic, Hawaiian,
    Italian, Jalapeño Cheese, Onion, Peppercorn Salsa
  • Smoke sausage – Polish, traditional, Andouille
  • Bratwurst patties
  • Southern breakfast style patties